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Gone are the days where photos and selfies are the only form of logging memories. Movies are the best way to save your precious moments. Taking a video on your phone is easy but many of us struggle to organize the videos and compile them into a movie. The dull audio of the videos make them even worse. LogIt makes it simple to merge multiple short videos and add exciting music right on your phone. Making movies have never been simpler.

What LogIt does?

LogIt lets you ,

Walk Through

Imagine you are going on a weekend hike. You want to log the whole trip. On LogIt you start a log called "weekend hike". Under the the log you can start taking short 5 sec videos. You take short videos at different parts of the trip. When you reach back home , you open "weekend hike" log and click on finish log. LogIt merges all video together to give you a single video file (Movie). You add music to the video and share it with your friends.

Developer and Support

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